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What people are saying about GOING HOMELESS and ADVERCITY!!

Excellence performance! Congratulations!!

MARTHA McAllister

Went to see Going Homeless and Adversity by TruDreams last night and I was ABSOLUTELY captivated by the depth of the subject matter and the acting. Be on the lookout for Xavier Spence, he’s the next Denzel Washington. His acting was fresh and his characterization believable. The other actors were also SPOT ON. Irving Truitt, writer/producer/director is a talented genius and visionary who understands the merit of art imitating life even when life is the hard knocks of domestic violence, mental illness, and substance abuse. I look forward to see what TruDreams is going to do next.
Erica Walker JoynesBahama, Nc

Hey IrvingThe film and the play was phenomenal. The film was so powerful in the end. Seems like it should be a part two. The play left me breathless with emotions. Especially knowing that those issues happens everyday with different faces and different vices. Whereas someone’s vice maybe alcohol or someone else’s vice maybe something else. Also knowing that we are all a breath away from homeless just by mere organic circumstances like was stated last night. Oh and one more thing about the play that really showed great depth is that the faucets of life with it be drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, mental health and the list goes on is not only a serious matter which has all types of reasons a person get to that point. It also showed that those issues if not addressed are becoming more generational. With that being said the socioeconomic is being strained to its capacity. I really appreciated the Q&A session it really impacted the meaning behind the film and play. You and your production team did an awesome job! Congratulations!
Pam Parker Durham NC

The show was wonderful from beginning to end. Being at the show allowed me to view homeless and domestic violence from a different perspective. Watching the show inspired me to be more aware of people who may have these problems, and help them with as little as donating to a charity.

Jaylin McFadden

This was a wonderful play.  Great author.  Irving Truitt.Lavetta Smith I have firsthand knowledge of the benefits from Irving Truitt’s Musical Theater Summer Workshop.  I’m a parent of a soon to be Hillside High School graduate and that graduate happens to be an alumni of Mr. Truitt’s summer workshop.  This workshop aided my daughter in developing confidence on the stage and in her life.  My daughter, Camryn first attended the workshop while in the 4th grade.   The camp was very instrumental with her continuing strong projection while in plays and while in “real life”.  She is often complimented on her articulation and this camp placed an emphasis on delivering lines to an audience or speaking clearly to another individual. What I would like to convey is, I feel that this workshop has assisted my daughter with capturing roles in plays and helping her with leadership skills.  I would also like to relay my daughter’s words regarding her experience in this camp.  “My best memories will always consist of our morning warm ups with the piano and the stressful and exhilarating week before a performance.  I loved being able to walk into a space of people I didn’t know but immediately feel welcomed by our shared love of theatre and the performing arts.” Not only did she have a camp director that cared about the delivery of a performance, he also cared about the student as a whole.  This is a camp that I would recommend to any parent whose child is interested in performing arts.  Your child will receive a sense of community that will remain with him forever.  My daughter developed friendships at 4thgrade that have remained until now.  When that acting bug hits, as a parent I feel that it’s our responsibility to support and nurture it.  The children think out of the box and this type of camp can further help your child flourish while growing up.  

S. Sherer